Using our products

We make sure you have the correct product for your project and specifications and provide support for not only the material itself, but also its application and role in situ. We believe in forming long term relationships with our customers to ensure they receive the right level of service at all times.

Not getting the results you were expecting? In our experience it’s seldom the quality of the product but rather the extensive variables within the process that lie as a root cause, and our team of experts are at hand to support your application at every stage of the process.


Aluminium Vs. Steel Welding

One reason aluminium is different from steels when welding is that it does not exhibit...

Arc welding (stick)

Arc welding is the process of joining 2 metals together using an electrode as the...

Titanium Welding

The properties of titanium make it an excellent choice of engineering material for a range...

Hot and Cold working

Metals can be cast to shape by melting them and pouring them into moulds. Metals...