Honeycomb vacuum brazing consultancy support

Complete process support including:

  • Selection of honeycomb
  • Selection of tape or powder to braze
  • Choice of braze media
  • Application of the tape or powder
  • Preparation of the parent part
  • Resistance welding attachment onto the parent part
  • Furnace preparation before loading parts
  • Brazing cycle temperature profile
  • Final inspection and quality criteria
  • Training and full consultancy with our experts

Vacuum brazing process consultancy support

  • Validation of whether vacuum brazing is the most suitable joining process
  • Verifying of the furnace suitability and capability
  • Selection of braze media material
  • Selection of braze media form (tape, paste, powder, foil, preform)
  • Cleaning and preparation of the parts
  • Creating an environment conducive to precision assembly
  • Part assembly to include correct gap size
  • Consideration of thermal differentiation and expansion rates
  • Application of Stop-Off™
  • Loading of the furnace
  • Brazing cycle temperature profile
  • Understanding different inspection techniques according to various aerospace specifications
  • Braze joint inter-metallics
  • Grain boundaries
  • Voids
  • Erosion of base metals
  • Diffusion of media
  • Training and full consultancy with our experts

Induction Brazing of Poly-Crystalline Diamond (PCD) and other materials consultancy support

  • Selection of induction heating equipment including coil design
  • Preparation of surfaces to be joined
  • Choice of braze media (Active braze alloys, precious metal braze alloys)
  • Selection of and arrangement of shielding gas
  • Brazing cycle temperature profile
  • Final inspection
  • Training and full consultancy with our experts

Welding Consultancy Support

  • Selection of weld filler alloy
  • Cross referencing of alloy specification
  • Best practice to avoid porosity

Furnace Capital Equipment Selection

We are able to advise on the selection and specification of any furnace capital equipment that you want to purchase. We can give advice for not only your current requirements, but we can also provide you with careful planning to make sure your selection is as future-proof as possible. Having a wealth of contacts we are not tied to any particular manufacturer.

Having a wealth of practical experience we can further advise on installation, running and maintenance.


With our extensive knowledge we can also advise on vacuum brazing of many other applications both new and old with the rounded experience of not only the metallurgy but also the commercial process and considerations needed for engineering facilities.

We can also assist you with alloy selection and cross-referencing of technical specifications to make sure you have the correct alloy.

If you require cross-referencing of specifications or translating the requirements of an unfamiliar specification, we have a wealth of experience and expertise helping clients with such enquiries.

Our advice and assistance is only a phone call away