Welding Products

VBC Group is a provider of premium-quality welding rods and associated products. Our welding products meet the requirements of the most stringent aerospace quality approvals giving superior performance in the most demanding of applications.

Provider of premium-quality welding rods and associated products

In addition to our own Pura-Weld™ brand we can provide premium brand products from our supply partners. Consequently we have the capability to supply over 200 different types of welding wire. A wide range of welding wires from the various product families are held in stock at our facility.

Pura-Weld™ Welding Product Range

These products are generally used in gas shielded welding processes (TIG, MIG and plasma-TIG) when joining titanium components. Titanium is used extensively in chemical processing, offshore and aerospace applications as well as in specialised areas such as motorsport and power generation.

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Aluminium alloys 1, 3, 5, 6 and some 7 series alloys can be welded using TIG, MIG and oxyfuel processes. Aluminium is used in pipe and tube fittings in chemical plant, heat exchanger, aerospace and structural applications.

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VBC Group is able to supply the complete range of welding filler materials including iron, copper, magnesium and zirconium welding materials.

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VBC Group supplies products that are suitable for Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) processes such as Shape Metal Deposition (SMD) and wire+arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). SMD and WAAM have been pioneered by the aerospace industry. VBC Group is able to supply precision ultra-pure welding wires for these advanced processes. Products are supplied in bulk packs layer wound with a tightly controlled helix and cast for ALM applications.

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These cobalt welding, casting and hard facing alloys are for use on cobalt superalloys. Many applications can be found in gas turbines where high temperature strength, resistance to oxidation and wear resistance are required.

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VBC Group’s nickel superalloy welding wires are used in high temperature and strength applications such as for gas and land based turbine engine components. There are around 50 alloy references in the range, the most commonly specified are listed below.

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These stainless steel welding alloys find use in a wide range of industries. VBC Group is able to provide commercial grades as well as grades for aerospace and power generation.

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Welding Product Forms

  • Rods / Straight Lengths

  • Wire on Spools

  • Weld Inserts

  • Welding Electrodes