Welding Alloys for Additive Layer Manufacturing

Pura-Weld™ Welding Alloys for Additive Layer Manufacturing

VBC Group supplies products that are suitable for Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) processes such as Shape Metal Deposition (SMD) and wire+arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). SMD and WAAM have been pioneered by the aerospace industry. VBC Group is able to supply precision ultra-pure welding wires for these advanced processes. Products are supplied in bulk packs layer wound with a tightly controlled helix and cast for ALM applications.

Key ProductsTypical AlloysAWSAMSMSRR
Titanium AlloysPura-WeldTM 0073 6Al-4VTiA5.16 ER Ti-5AMS 49549500/73
Nickel SuperalloysIN625A5.14 ERNiCrMo-3AMS 58379500/237
Aluminium AlloysPura-WeldTM 0045 Pura-WeldTM 9554 Pura-WeldTM 0031A5.10 ER2319 A5.10 ER5554 A5.10 ER4047AMS 4191 - AMS 41859500/45 - 9500/31
Stainless Steel420 316LA5.9 ER420 A5.9 ER316LAMS 5621 AMS 5692- -