Borofuse Hardening


The Borofuse process is a unique and proprietary process whereby hardness can be significantly increased.

In the case of ferrous alloys, this can be typically in the range of 1500-1700 KHN. This hardness is compatible to that of cobalt bonded tungsten carbide (typically Ra 90), a hardness which is significantly higher than that achievable by case hardening processes such as carburizing (about Rc62=775 KHN) or nitriding (about 1000 KHN).

The process is suitable for virtually all forms & shapes of ferrous, nickel, and cobalt alloys, as well as refractory metals and cobalt & nickel bonded tungstens and titanium carbides.

Other benefits include greatly improving the resistance to adhesive or abrasive wear, the elimination of galling and a typical 5-10 times increase in service lifetime in specific corrosive environments.

Some typical applications include:


  • Exhaust Nozzles within Gas Turbine Engines
  • Fuel Pump components within Gas Turbine Engines

Oil & Gas

  • Linear Actuators
  • Ball Valves
  • Valve Seats

Injection Moulding-Compounding

  • Screws
  • Barrels
  • Sprue Bushings
  • Gates
  • Moulds & Granulator Screens


  • Seaming Rollers

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