Titanium Welding Alloys

Pura-Weld™ Titanium Welding Alloys

These products are generally used in gas shielded welding processes (TIG, MIG and plasma-TIG) when joining titanium components. Titanium is used extensively in chemical processing, offshore and aerospace applications as well as in specialised areas such as motorsport and power generation.

Key Points

There are approximately 15 alloys in VBC Group’s range of ultra-pure titanium welding filler metals.


  • Rods / Straight Lengths
  • Wire on Spools
Key ProductsTrade NameAWS A5.16AMSMSRROMAT
Pura-WeldTM 0070CP TiER Ti-2AMS 49519500/70366
Pura-WeldTM 00736Al-4V TiER Ti-5AMS 49549500/733/145A
Pura-WeldTM 00746-2-4-2 Ti-AMS 49529500/743/250
Pura-WeldTM 0075Titanium 829--9500/753/217
Pura-WeldTM 0076Titanium 685--9500/763/200
Pura-WeldTM 00786Al-4V Ti ELIER Ti-23AMS 49569500/783/145A
Pura-WeldTM 9007TiPd – ERTi 7ER Ti-7---