Other Welding Alloy Product Groups

Pura-Weld™ Other Welding Alloy Product Groups

VBC Group is able to supply the complete range of welding filler materials including iron, copper, magnesium and zirconium welding materials.

Product Type Typical Alloys Standard MSRR OMAT
- Pura-Weld™ 9702 A5.24 ER Zr 2 - -
Mild Steel Welding Alloys Mild / carbon steel and ferrous alloys Various – over 45 alloy types - -
Copper Welding Alloys Bronze and brass alloys Various - -
Magnesium Welding Alloys* Pura-WeldTM 0050 Pura-WeldTM 0051 A5.19 EZ33A A5.19 AZ92A 9500/50 9500/51 308 Mar-58