Other Welding Alloy Product Groups

Pura-Weld™ Other Welding Alloy Product Groups

VBC Group is able to supply the complete range of welding filler materials including iron, copper, magnesium and zirconium welding materials.

Product TypeTypical AlloysStandardMSRROMAT
-Pura-Weld™ 9702A5.24 ER Zr 2--
Mild Steel Welding AlloysMild / carbon steel and ferrous alloysVarious – over 45 alloy types--
Copper Welding AlloysBronze and brass alloysVarious--
Magnesium Welding Alloys*Pura-WeldTM 0050 Pura-WeldTM 0051A5.19 EZ33A A5.19 AZ92A9500/50 9500/51308 Mar-58