Nickel Welding Alloys

Pura-Weld™ Nickel Welding Alloys

VBC Group’s nickel superalloy welding wires are used in high temperature and strength applications such as for gas and land based turbine engine components. There are around 50 alloy references in the range, the most commonly specified are listed below.

Key Points

These high temperature nickel alloys are used on gas turbine engine components subject to hot gas flow, such as blades, vanes, combustors, frames and castings.


  • Rods / Straight Lengths
  • Wire on Spools
Key ProductsTrade NameAMSOther SpecificationsMSRROMAT
Pura-WeldTM 0003NC 80/205676AWS A5.14 ERNiCr-69500/3305D
Pura-WeldTM 0004Nimonic™ 905829ISO 18274 NiCr20Co18Ti39500/4312
Pura-WeldTM 0009FM 925675AWS A5.14 ERNiCrFe-69500/9314
Pura-WeldTM 0016PMET863, Nimonic ™ C2635966GE B50A7839500/1622706
Pura-WeldTM 0202PMET865, Waspalloy™5828-9500/20236220
Pura-WeldTM 0213PMET870, Hastelloy™W5786AWS A5.14 ERNiMo-39500/21312114
Pura-WeldTM 0216FM825836AWS A5.14:2005 ERNiCr-39500/2163/170
Pura-WeldTM 0215PMET 875, Hastelloy™X5798AWS A5.14 ERNiMo-29500/2153/165
Pura-WeldTM 0220PMET 818, IN 7185832-9500/2203/206
Pura-WeldTM 0227IN 9015830-9500/2273/203
Pura-WeldTM 0237PMET 860 Inco™ 6255837AWS A5.14 ERNiCrMo-39500/2373/172
Pura-WeldTM 0247PMET 842, Rene™142-GE B50TF2749500/247-
Pura-WeldTM 9247PMET 847, Mar M 247-EMS 55447--
Pura-WeldTM 9738PMET 838, Inco 738-PWA 1451, GE B50TF191--
Pura-WeldTM 9080PMET 880, Rene 80-GE B50TF259--