Aluminium Welding Alloys

Pura-Weld™ Aluminium Welding Alloys

Aluminium alloys 1, 3, 5, 6 and some 7 series alloys can be welded using TIG, MIG and oxyfuel processes. Aluminium is used in pipe and tube fittings in chemical plant, heat exchanger, aerospace and structural applications.

Key Points

VBC Group’s premium quality aluminium welding products provide a reliable solution for welding
lightweight aluminium alloys in a range of applications.


  • Rods / Straight Lengths
  • Wire on Spools
Key ProductsTrade NameAWS A5.10AMSMSRROMAT
Pura-WeldTM 00333103, NG3--9500/333/361A
Pura-WeldTM 00354145ER 4145AMS 41849500/353/337
Pura-WeldTM 00385356AER 5356-9500/38Mar-61
Pura-WeldTM 00452319ER 2319AMS 41919500/453/264
Pura-WeldTM 91101100ER 1100AMS 4180--
Pura-WeldTM 94644643ER 4643AMS 4189--
Pura-WeldTM 00314047 / 4047AER 4047AMS 41859500/31-
Pura-WeldTM 00324043 / 4043AER 4043AMS 41909500/32310