At VBC Group we do much more than simply produce and sell alloys for brazing and welding. We are solution providers for our customers and our technical team are always at hand to assist you in your processes.

VBC Group – The Solution Provider

Brazing Training Courses

When required we conduct part-specific training of engineers and operators on new processes or as a refresher. This usually takes the form of practical demonstrations on the factory floor with some class room work. We cover many topics such as:

  • Surface preparation prior to brazing
  • Part Cleaning
  • Design of components prior to brazing
  • Design for manufacture
  • Metallurgical aspects of brazing
  • Honeycomb brazing
  • Nickel brazing
  • Precious Metal brazing
  • Case Studies
  • Aids to manufacturing
  • Cost effectiveness

Site Visits

In addition to our regular joint commercial and technical visits, and as part of the preparation work for our advanced support, we will often visit your site to carry out a preliminary assessment to establish existing capabilities.


Six Sigma Approach

During our technical visits to customers we use a Six Sigma methodological approach to improving your process, where we start by Defining the problem in very specific terms in order to have a clearly defined scope. (In Six Sigma, a “problem” can refer to a low yield process, a specific technical challenge or indeed the task of setting up a new production line.) A defined scope avoids getting side-tracked into other non-related issues. Once the scope of the problem is determined, we start to Measure the relevant data to gather together all the information necessary to resolve the issue. This will vary on a case by case basis but could include yield rates, type of defects, process parameters, and throughput, amongst others.

We can then Analyse the problem fully, using the extensive knowledge and many years of experience we have in the industries. The key part of the Six Sigma methodology is then to Improve the process by implementing appropriate changes. The final part of the solution is to put in place relevant Controls so that the process remains stable. Throughout this process we work closely with your engineers to reach a solution in a timely manner.

Once we have left your site we continue to support all customers worldwide. We are always available after a visit to take follow up calls to make sure your process is running smoothly. We get great satisfaction in knowing that our customers are getting the best out of our alloys.

Meet the Technical Team

Pat Rodgers is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience in a variety of industries. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt and has a First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Limerick, Ireland. Pat’s role is to co-ordinate all the technical queries for VBC so he will always be your first point of contact. Pat’s expertise is in brazing, and has a special interest in brazing ceramics and other materials considered difficult to braze.

Phil Talbot is one of VBC Group Directors and takes a hands-on approach to tackling technical challenges in brazing. Phil has over 25 years’ experience in the industry so there is very little he has not come across in the past. He has worked closely with aero engine OEMs on projects involving new materials, production process and part development as well as repair procedures and many others over the years. Phil’s speciality is honeycomb brazing with Nickel based alloys.

Dr David Harvey is our consultant welding metallurgist at VBC. He is a world-leading expert in welding metallurgy for aerospace and associated industries. David is a life member of TWI & Titanium Information Group and several other industry associations. He is a contributor to Welding World Magazine and is on hand to advise with any welding queries you may have.

Our advice and assistance is only a phone call away