Soft Solders and Fluxes

Solda-Met™ Lead-Free Soft Solders

Lead-free solders are widely specified for their elevated strength and resistance to creep at temperature. They are also obligatory for components where compliance with EU RoHS, EVL, WEEE Directives and other environmental regulations are a factor.

Key ProductsSnAgCuSbMelting Range ℃ISO 9453: 2014
Solda-Met™ 95A95--5230-240Alloy No.201
Solda-Met™ 87SC87103-214-275-
Solda-Met™ 96S964--221-228Alloy No.701
Solda-Met™ 965S96.53.5--221Alloy No.703
Solda-Met™ 96SA96.153.5-0.3221-
Solda-Met™ 975S97.5-2.5-221-225-
Solda-Met™ 97C97-3-230-250Alloy No.402
Solda-Met™ 99C99.3-0.7-230-240Alloy No.401

Solda-Met™ Lead-Bearing Soft Solders

Lead-bearing solders still find use in certain applications where regulations permit. They melt at lower temperatures than lead free alloys and depending on the formulation can provide a range of flow and joint filling characteristics.

Key ProductsSnPbAgMelting Range ℃ISO 9453: 2014
Solda-Met™ 62LS62362178-190Alloy No.171
Solda-Met™ 5LS593.51.5296Alloy No.191
Solda-Met™ L95S-955304-370Alloy No.182
Solda-Met™63L6337-183Alloy No102
Solda-Met™60L6040-183-190Alloy No.103
Solda-Met™50L5050-183-215Alloy No.112