Silver / Copper Phosphorus Brazing Alloys

Meta-Braze™ Silver / Copper Phosphorus Brazing Alloys

Principally used for HVAC&R applications where they are recommended for the flux-less brazing of copper pipes and tubes. Meta-Braze™ 284 can be supplied as a foil which is widely used for electrical engineering applications involving copper. The phosphorus in these alloys imparts a self-fluxing characteristic but also affects the ductility and flow of the product. The products in this range provide different ductility and flow characteristics. They should not be used on nickel or iron containing metals, including all grades of steel, because a brittle joint will result.

Standard Forms

  • Rods
  • Strips

Special Forms

  • Wire
  • Rings
  • Foil
  • Preforms
  • Brazing Paste
  • Powder
Key ProductsAgCuPOtherMelting Range ℃EN1044: 1999ISO 17672: 2016
Meta-Braze™ 28618757-645CP101CuP 286
Meta-Braze™ 28415805-645-800CP102CuP 284
Meta-Braze™ 283686.757.25-645-720-CuP 283
Meta-Braze™ 2815896-645-815CP104CuP 281
Meta-Braze™ 279291.76.3-645-825CP105Cup 279
Meta-Braze™ 182-92.27.8-710-770CP201CuP 182
Meta-Braze™ 389-926-690-825CP301CuP 389
Meta-Braze™ 179-93.86.2-710-890CP203Cup 179
Meta-Braze™ 386-86.26.8-650-700CP302CuP 386