Active Brazing Alloys

Meta-Braze™ Active Brazing Alloys

Active brazing alloys are used for joining a variety of ceramic and cermet components. They eliminate the need for metallising providing savings in time and cost. Active brazing alloys are available in silver, titanium and copper based materials. These products are used in specialised electronic components and tooling applications.

Standard Forms

  • Foils
  • Powder
  • Brazing Paste
Key ProductsTrade NameAgCuTiInOtherMelting Range ℃
Meta-Braze™ Cu 93TiCopper-ABA-92.752.25--958-1024
Meta-Braze™ Ag 93TiSilver-ABA92.7551.25--860-912
Meta-Braze™ Ag 69TiTicusil68.826.74.5--780-900
Meta-Braze™ Ag 63TiCusil ABA6332.251.75--780-815
Meta-Braze™ Ag 59TiIncusil ABA5927.251.2512.5-605-715