Stop Off and Stopyt

Stop Off™

Stop Off™ materials are chemical formulations which protect metal surfaces from the unwanted flow of molten braze filler metal, or to prevent the accidental fusing together of metal parts in furnace brazing operations.

Stop-Off™ materials are available in various formulations depending upon the base metal alloy. Stop-Offs™ are available in several forms including liquid, powder, and a convenient felt-tip pen applicator.


Stopyt® is a superior braze inhibitor which prevents the unwanted flow of molten brazing alloy.

Available as a suspension which can be applied by brushing, spraying or dipping.

Two versions are available, one containing alumina, and one containing yttrium. Both are inert and will not affect the furnace atmosphere.

The yttria version is the least reactive and is successful used in the super-plastic forming process with titanium components.